Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Quivey's Grove Stable Grill - Madison, WI

The deal: Located on Madison's far southwest side, Quivey's Grove Stable Grill is an extraordinary popular fish fry site. Be prepared to wait for you table. Luckily, the bar area, while small, is lively.

The fish fry is the Friday night special (of course) and consists of beer battered cod and fries or parmesan potatoes, coleslaw and bread. For $1 extra, it's all you can eat. If your eyes tend to be bigger than your stomach, don't worry. You can choose this option while you're eating.

The food: The fish is good, but batter heavy. The real story here is the parmesan potatoes. Whatever you do - be sure to get the potatoes, not the fries. They are full of creamy deliciousness.

Fish fry at Quivey's Grove also means you'll have access to one of the better beer selections in Madison. This isn't surprising given that Quivey's hosts a huge Beer Fest every year. Be sure to give one of the local brews a taste (or two or three ;-)

The flavor: Quivey's owes a lot of its popularity to the atmosphere and beauty of the restaurant. The Stable Grill literally used to be a stable and now it's on the National Register or Historic Places. The wood rafters and stone walls give the restaurant an authentically rustic feel, especially in winter when it's a toasty escape from the harsh Wisconsin winter.

Located on Madison's border with Fitchburg and Verona, Quivey's is in one of the fastest growing parts of the area. The crowds tend to be younger and even a little rambunctious. In summer, Quivey's hosts a fish fry outdoors under the big tent. While I heartily approve of eating and drinking outdoors in the summer, expect that these "paddock parties" will be dominated by young families with little kids running all over the place. Beware.

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Mama Meni said...

The only additional note about the outside fish fry under the tent is the limited outdoor bar...they usually have Spotted Cow as the only beer option.