Monday, December 10, 2007

Echo Tap and Grill - Madison, WI

The deal: The Echo's fish fry isn't on the menu, but rest assured that it's available come Friday night. This is a strictly no nonsense affair. Place your order with the bartender, find a stool and get a drink while you wait.

The food: Okay, I don't even know what kind of fish the Echo serves. It's deep fried, if that helps ;-) Personally, I really like the Echo's fish because of its thick batter. Those of you that want less batter and more fish may not enjoy it as much.

Besides the mystery fish, you'll get a lemon slice and french fries. This a bar food version of a fish fry, so it's a little heavy and a little greasy. It tastes great, but it's definitely not less filling. You'll probably still feel sluggish for hours after your meal.

The flavor: The Echo is the most "Wisconsin" of any of Madison's downtown bars. It's a little rougher and a little more blue collar than the rest (just check out the picture at the link above for an example). Because it doesn't cater to the transient student population, there's a sense that it's a place where everybody knows your name. It's easy to become a regular - the fish just makes it even easier.

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just shel said...

You forgot to mention their outstanding dill tartar sauce. It's amazing, especially with the potatoes they give you!

Kris said...

As you know, there's no way I would try such a white, creamy sauce.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Shel be in the picture on the Echo's homepage?