Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dexter's Pub - Madison, WI

The deal: Dexter's Pub, formerly The Sandlot, fish fry offers a variety of choices including beer battered cod, walleye and bluegill. The fish fry ranges from $7.75-$10 and includes soup or salad, rolls, tartar sauce and choice of potatoes.

The food: For a bar, the salad was quite good and included a bunch of baby greens, tomatoes and cucumbers. I had a balsamic dressing that hit the perfect balance between sweet and cloying. The french fries were good, but nothing special. My cod, on the other hand, was just excellent. Three big, flaky pieces of fish covered with a perfectly crispy crust. For the price, it was absolutely fantastic.

My dining companion had clam chowder, which looked filled to the brim with bacon. Mmmm...bacon. They opted for some broiled lemon pepper walleye which was good, but apparently needed salt.

Dexter's has a well thoughout out beer menu and includes options from Guinness to offerings from Lake Louie.

The flavor: Although I still fondly recall Stevens, which The Sandlot replaced, I was very impressed with Dexter's Pub. The atmosphere is nothing special, especially when the restaurant is less than crowded but I suspect that when word gets out about how good the food is, there will be far fewer empty tables and many more happy, full diners.

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