Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stanley's Northeast Bar Room - Minneapolis, MN

The Deal: Stanley's, in Northeast Minneapolis, offers fish & chips, featuring beer battered cod, for a little over $10 and a walleye sandwich for about $8. The fish & chips come with fries and a huge vat of tartar sauce. The walleye sandwich is served with kettle chips.

The Food: while the cod itself was decently tasty and flaky, the batter wasn't crispy enough. It wasn't mushy, but it wasn't standing up to the fish either. I got two nice sized pieces of fish with my meal, but it wasn't worth eating more than half of a piece. The fries, on the other hand, were excellent and gives me faith that Stanley's really does know how to use their deep fryer. My dining companion had the walleye sandwich and reported back that the batter was crispy, so perhaps my cod was an outlier.

The Flavor: Stanley's is on the nice end of blue collar bars. You won't find many skinny-jean wearing hipsters here. Instead, the crowd's a bit older and a bit more likely to wear Carhartt. The bar has a lot of fun events like team trivia and bar bingo.

There's a huge beer list, heavy on local beers, local as in Minnesota though, not Wisconsin. On the downside, someone decided that the dinner rush was the perfect time to get a huge ladder and put a clock on the wall. Weirdos. :)

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