Friday, September 17, 2010

Kollman's Korner - Leroy, WI

Special thanks to Tim from our Facebook page for providing this rare review of an actual Eastern Wisconsin fish fry. I don't get around to those parts very much! Tim says:

Last night we went to Kollman's Korner in Leroy (eastern Dodge county, near the Horicon Marsh). I remember going there a few times as a kid. It probably looks the same inside as it did 35 years ago. It’s very nice, a step back in time and with all the same old people. The weather was very warm, but they had on sweaters and long pants and jackets. It was nursing home warm! Remember this for winter!

The food was really good though. Zoe had the haddock with potato pancakes. I had the walleye with german potato salad. They also brought bread and cole slaw. The cole slaw was really good, and the potato pancakes were very homemade, nice browned edges, tasty. The german potato salad was okay, ours is better. The beer batter on the fish was so good, as good as at The Pub but a lot lighter. Best walleye I've had. They looked like viking long boats made of batterered fish (editor's note - please forgive Tim the "Viking" reference).

On the board when you come in they have the menu listed and we also notice hickory nut pie. so we put in our dessert order when they brought the fish. It was the best pie I've EVER had; perfect crust, drizzled with caramel, a scoop of ice cream, real whipped cream. I want it every day. It was the heroin of desserts. Oh man...

I guess we have to go there again because on Saturday nights they have steak and prime rib specials and I think maybe the salad bar then? They didn't have it for fish. And... on Saturday nights they have $1.00 grasshoppers (editor's note: Woohoo!).

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