Monday, November 17, 2008

Alchemy - Madison, WI

Thanks to my friend Jamie for this review. It's hard to review Wisconsin fish fries when I don't live in Wisconsin anymore!

We arrived at the Alchemy at about 6:30pm last Friday and all the tables were filled. We didn't have to wait too long for a table though. Judging from the way the place was packed on a Friday I was tempted to order the fish fry. I decided to stick with my tried-and-true portabella sandwich instead. My dinner date went with the fish. She received 4 pieces with coleslaw, tarter sauce and half a plate full of some of Madison's best fries. I sampled one piece of the fish. The batter was golden, light and crispy - that's right it was just perfect. Unfortunately the fish inside was a bit chewy for our taste. I'm guessing from the quality of the rest of their menu it may just have been an off night. I must give them props for serving a coleslaw without mayo. I won't touch a coleslaw unless it's dressed in vinaigrette, which makes a better counterweight to a fried dinner. Fish can be difficult so I would definitely give their Fish Fry another try sometime.

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Chinawest Jewelers said...

"It's more than a fish fry!" Yes I know we Wisconsinites roll over and splash a bit at the sound of a good fish fry. I have tried several fares at Alchemy and the word is, "fresh". Everything has a healthy,fresh taste. The side dishes are bright and healthy. If that turns off the beerbatter and fries types, you will be totally surprised and the sumptuous and delicious food...fihs included. I think we have forgotten what good food tastes like....try Alchemy where it is done right.
Way to go!!
Kathleen Eddy-Yih