Monday, March 17, 2008

Deli Delicious - Westport, WI

My friend Kaya, of Madison Brunch is stepping in to write a review this week. Enjoy!

The deal: Small, family-run deli featuring homestyle cooking and takeout fish fry. The fish fry ranges from $6-$10 depending on how many pieces your order and includes coleslaw, baked bean, tartar sauce and choice of fries or baked potato.

The food: This is definately a no-frills operation, you get your fish in a takeaway container with waxed paper separated various sides and no lemon wedges. The fish has a pleasantly light flavor and a generous and crispy batter, which is a big hit with the husband and me. The fries are crinkle-cut and always crispy, the baked potato is served uncut in foil, with sour cream (hallelujah) and butter on the side. The coleslaw is crisp and fresh, but a little heavy on the mayonnaise. The baked beans are mildly flavored and inoffensive, but definately not anything to write home about. The only real dissappointment are the lackluster white rolls, which are a bit hard and not warmed. Overall, I think this is a great value and allows for portion control since you can order fish by the piece.

The flavor: Friendly service and inexpensive, fast fare. The perfect solution for a couple who wants to enjoy a fish fry at home, without the guilt of owning a deep fryer.

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Mrs. Brunch said...

Update: We got takeout from Deli Delicious on Friday and were pleasantly surprised by warm, tasty rolls and some pretty good fried shrimp.

dig under rocks said...

I LOVE that place! Awesome grilled sandwiches, Mexican meatloaf and tater tot casserole. GREAT fries...and surprisingly good fish fry. Give em a try!