Thursday, January 3, 2008

Glass Nickel Pizza - Madison, WI

The deal: Sometimes you don't feel like leaving home and braving crowds to get your fish fry on. On nights like that, Glass Nickel Pizza is a good option. For just $7.90 you can get four pieces of beer battered cod and fries delivered hot and tasty to your door. In addition, Glass Nickel has a number of appetizer options and really excellent salads - you can even build your own for a reasonable price ($3.50 for an individual size salad and $6.50 for family size).

The food: Just by virtue of the fact that it's delivery, Glass Nickel fish isn't going to be as crispy as a restaurant's cod. However, the fish is tasty, never overly fishy and the batter has a decent beer flavor. The Nickel's fries are just so-so, but some of the other appetizers, like the toasted ravioli and fried mac 'n cheese (yes, it's true - Wisconsinites now fry mac 'n cheese) are superb. The salads are all excellent, bigger than you'd expect and aren't 90% lettuce. The dressings are prepackaged, but they still taste good and there's over a dozen choices.

The flavor: I guess this depends on what your house is like, doesn't it? ;-) But seriously, Friday night fish fries aren't just about the fish, they're about socializing and enjoying a meal together with your family and friends. It's nice that with Glass Nickel you can do that without the hassle of leaving home. It really is a great option for snowy nights, families with little kids, and if you want to get your drink on without spending a lot of money in a bar.

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Kris said...

I forgot about a key feature of Glass Nickel. In Madison you can order online! So not only does that mean you don't have to talk to a human being, it also means that you can customize your order to your heart's content without worrying about someone getting it all wrong. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

All the internets in the world can't keep a stoned delivery driver from confusing Wilson and Washington.

Kris said...

Ha! I gotta say that I get awesome service from Glass Nickel. There's almost always at my house 15-20 minutes after I order. I can't complain.

John Schroeder said...

Fish Delivery...what a great concept. Can't live on Pizza and Chinese delivery as our only options after all..can we?

Great blog- keep up the good work.